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Neither Andy nor Tim have stopped playing in bands. still enjoying the sense of community, especially in Ann Arbor, but in Detroit as well) for their tastes."The community, the syndicate or the cult is just friends and bands that have been referred or friends of friends' bands," says Patalan."We're kind of removed from the city. We'll have real successful records but you won't see us in the top studios for the Detroit Music awards."After that band was done [and Sponge was in its nascent phase] I said 'you have to come to the Loft and record with me and my brother.They came in to do their demos and they got signed off the demos. "Typically a place is more about the people or the gear, so a lot of time people will hire us from the work that we've done," says Patalan of the studio's calling card sound. And rock is our forte."But more than anything, it's band-to-band referrals that keeps the lights on and the monitors humming in the Loft.We've had some major successful stuff and been in business for 20 years, but we're not out there seeking the shmooze factor." As powerful testament to the appeal of the no-nonsense camaraderie the Patalans engender was the jam-packed anniversary celebration in May at .

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Play on the famous Combat Town or put on your camo for some serious woodsball. We have a large speedball field so you can rage in the cage! For regular prices you can reserve our wonderful facilities for your own private group outing. Parties are scheduled in 3 hour time blocks and are on a first come, first serve basis. We urge you to try and schedule your game at least 2 weeks in advance but we will always work with you to make your game happen.

Typically if a band is from out of state or out of the country they'll stay there or get a B&B.

It's really comfortable for them." So what does Patalan envision for The Loft 20 years from now? It's been a constant growing thing and as long as we keep adapting to the times and doing fresh music that we enjoy, it's just a no-brainer. "As soon as we stop loving it we'll start playing a lot more golf."Chris Handyside is a Detroit-based writer whose work has appeared in Model D and The Metro Times. Photos: Andy Patalan Works the Soundboard at the Loft Studio-Saline An Exterior Photo of the Loft Studio-Saline Andy Patalan Focuses on Mastering at the Loft Studio-Saline Mic Me Up!

"Basically my brother and I started it to record our own bands and then that turned into friend's bands.

And it started spreading and grew from there."The two turned their family's 150 year old oat barn into a secluded recording studio.

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