Jab hai tak jaan online dating

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Anika says she believes in Lord, she won’t go to get Shiv Parvati idol.

Gauri says I talk and he shows nandi bayl horns or tells shayari. She asks shall I play songs if you have no problem.

Om says till I get idol, Dadi see that they fulfill three challenges, Shivaye have fun, come Gauri. Om thinks what happened to her, she talks so much, why did she keep maun vrath.

Gauri thinks Om is silent and me too, I made a record.

He says stewed vegetable ratatouille with baked up cappucino asparagus and pesto sauce.

Anika laughs and says good sound, tell me what will you have.

Shivaye says your hair got long and memory got shorter, Rudy you remember Dadi told about our tradition, Dadi tell me Dadi says yes, Billu reminded me, when your Dada and I got married, we placed that idol at home, I want same idol of Shiv Parvati in Billu and Anika’s marriage. Rudra says wow, Shiv and Parvati, Shivaye and Anika, I noticed somethings, we brothers have names on Shiv ji and three girls have name on Parvati ji. She says its coincidence that your names are on Shiv Parvati, Om go and get it.

Rudra says I realized I have work, go Om, live your life. Dadi says go today itself, marriage rasams will start once idol is placed.

Anika says fine, get bored, don’t show you are dying to talk to her. Om sees them and thinks so this is the thing, Shivaye you see now. Om says you forgot, Dadi told us in childhood, when there is marriage in house, girl and guy give three challenges and fulfill it. Dadi says shut up, its tradition and you have to fulfill it, you both will give three challenges to each other, to know how much equality and love is there. She thinks Shivaye told me, but I will get unwell if I keep silence. She says fine, stop at any dhaba, we will have food. She thinks he is asking as if he has fed me parathas at home. He says okay, I will stop the car, I m tired of driving. Om says enough, Shakti said it will be by Anika’s choice, I will decide. Bhavya says control, chill, we don’t have to do encounter. Shivaye texts our choice met, now we have to make their choices meet. Dadi asks can’t you see even now, we reap what we sow, Anika has sown love and reaped love, you have sown hatred and reaped hatred, Anika didn’t snatch Billu, you lost your son, you never valued Anika, at least value your son, but you couldn’t do that, so no one values you.

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