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Our Junior Rowing program continues to grow and we are excited about the rowing futures of our young oarsmen and women.RA Adult (Masters) Rowing: The Masters program at HRA provides recreational and competitive opportunities for people over the age of 21.When you're filming on location, mostly you drink tea just to stay warm - especially if you're shooting in Yorkshire!The tea was particularly essential when we were filming in winter up in the hills by Rochdale in Lancashire, on a farm set in a very beautiful, extraordinary landscape - but so exposed.Rowing is one of the oldest sports on record, dating back to the ancient Egyptian times.Today’s rowing is graceful, combining technical efficiency in both style and equipment.He had to be economical with the truth, because if I had known how long the flight was going to be, he wouldn't have got me on the plane.That flight to New York was the longest flight I'd ever done, and I have to say it did me a favour because I realised that, actually, once you're up there, there's absolutely nothing you can do about it - you just have to enjoy yourself.

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RA Rowing Center: The HRA boathouse, located on City Island in Daytona Beach, is the only rowing facility in Volusia County that gives its members year-round access to a variety of functions and events.About 12 years ago, I did three months filming Sons And Lovers on the island.I was so thrilled because I thought that when it came to location work, this was exotic.Funds raised from the Legacy Brick campaign will be used for maintaining and upgrading our current rowing shells and blades. Club members are required to watch the USRowing Safety video and we recommend that anyone who may be considering rowing as a sport view the safety video as well.We do hope you’ll join us in this endeavor and thank you for your support! There are many articles on rowing safety that can be found on the web.

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