Dhcp is not updating dns in server 2016

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Dynamic DNS is a feature that allows hosts to register their records in DNS, thus removing the need for administrators to manually create records.

Using a credential for the DHCP server doesn't solve the problem of transferring ownership of DNS records for hosts upgrading from NT 4.0; however, this is highly unlikely to still be a concern for organizations today.(The first update to a record that isn't a member of Dns Update Proxy becomes the owner.) This is very dangerous if a DHCP server is also a domain controller because it means that all the Active Directory records for that domain controller are written with no security and can therefore be overwritten by other hosts (although an additional setting, Open ACLOn Proxy Updates, helps prevent this by stopping records from being overwritten by any server that isn't a member of Dns Update Proxy group when set to a value of 0).

I have checked the event viewer logs for the DHCP and DNS server but nothing is present?

Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview offers a new installation option: Nano Server.

Make sure ALL other non-DHCP servers are NOT in the Dns Update Proxy group.

dhcp is not updating dns in server 2016-66

dhcp is not updating dns in server 2016-66

dhcp is not updating dns in server 2016-89

dhcp is not updating dns in server 2016-52

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